Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Let's Talk About: Hipsters

Everyone's favorite chic geeks it's hipsters. Aptly named for the creature's strange tendency to ironically conform to ideals of non-conformity. Never has there been a more snobbish clique before, even outmatching the so called "preps" they hold with such disdain. From expensive pre-torn clothing to retro gaming shirts Hipsters always cling to what contrasts best with the current common culture.

All four are wearing makeup.

Remember guys, if no one questions your sexuality; you aren't doing it right.

Girls need to make sure they look as nerdy as possible while still making sure they're sexy. After all, Edward Cullen doesn't magically form a boner for just any special snowflake.

Sadly the Hipster's obsession with retro fashion has thrown respect for more classy styles of dress out the metaphorical window. Want to present yourself formally in a unique way? Maybe a waist coat like Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka? Sadly unless you resign yourself to the typical suit and tie businessmen don every day you're merely imitating the everyday dress of a hipster.

One can only hope that one day formality and spiffiness will make a return in the common culture and hipster will retreat to their more edgy counter culture affair so we can once more frolic in our sports coats, fedoras and pocket watches without shame.
This used to be an actual style of dress, not the joke it's become today.


  1. You can't win against Hipsters because no matter what you say they can just go, well thats what makes it ironic

  2. "Remember guys, if no one questions your sexuality; you aren't doing it right."

    LOL. Nice post man

  3. Well it's true, almost all male hipsters are skinny as hell with women's jeans.

  4. I don't know how or why they would do that...it has to be hell on your junk