Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let's Talk About: Stress

Everyone gets stressed from time to time. Hell, personally this week really threw me for a loop, college classes, the requirements to transfer out of a two year school, journalism classes (to make my blog extra fancy). Day after day stress rears its ugly head.

"Did I pass that midterm?"

"What's my total grade?"

"When is that essay due?"

Of course stress is hardly a unique concept exclusive to college students. It's an omnipresent aspect of your life affected by things ranging from your socioeconomic status to social obligations with friends. The key thing is how we manage stress and allay any panic we feel. I barely get through a day without feeling physically ill thinking about tomorrow. I realized it came from having my life in disarray, it helps to plan, know what you're going to do tomorrow so you know what to expect?


Tell me that when you've never felt better about yourself, staying organized is great to keep an anxious mind occupied and soothed. Take a deep breath, get a soothing drink and put things into perspective, you're your own worst enemy.

Sometimes it helps to think of the world as a whole. Things have been going on for millions of years, your problems are a bump in the road that you can handle.

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